Membre de l’équipe Adan depuis sa création, j’ai le plaisir d’annoncer ma candidature à la présidence de l’Association pour représenter l’industrie française des actifs numériques et assurer la continuité des travaux du bureau.

Ma volonté de présider l’Adan est motivée par une passion pour les technologies crypto-blockchain et un profond respect des entrepreneurs engagés qui forment son écosystème.

Ayant participé à la création de l’Adan et à sa structuration en 2020, je suis extrêmement fier de nos accomplissements. Conscient des challenges, des enjeux et de l’ampleur des travaux qui nous font face, je souhaite aujourd’hui y consacrer la majeure partie de mes énergies.

Comme vous, j’ai envie de créer les conditions favorables à l’émergence de champions français des actifs numériques. La France est dotée d’innombrables atouts et les entrepreneurs de la crypto ont…

Two months after lunching our first survey, we learned so much about our listeners, and how we can make the podcast event better

Wall of ❤️

After hosting Epicenter for nearly 6 ½ year, I feel like I know our audience pretty well. I’ve meet and spoke to so many of your guys over the years to have a general sense of our average listener’s persona.

But getting real, tangible data is more difficult. Sure, we have podcast analytics. But the numbers are fragmented across platforms, and are mostly limited to downloads and geography.

So last year, I started asking myself some deeper questions about just who are our listeners. I wanted to know things like:

  • For how long you’ve been with us
  • How often you…

If you hold crypto, there’s a few things to keep in mind before doing taxes this year

Bitcoin and Crypto taxes can be complicated — trust experts to avoid getting audited by the IRS.
Bitcoin and Crypto taxes can be complicated — trust experts to avoid getting audited by the IRS.
Clinton Donnelley what every US taxpayer needs to know (sponsored interview)

Income tax. Not a particularly exciting topic, especially when it comes to paying them. But something we all need to deal with nevertheless. We are all (or at least should be) aware of what our personal tax returns entail. But are you fully aware of the implications holding crypto can have on your tax filing?

We recently talked to Clinton Donnelly, Founder of CryptoTaxAudit. Clinton has done hundreds of tax returns for US citizens, both domestic and expatriated, and is an expert when dealing with filing crypto and Bitcoin taxes. He is also an Enrolled Agent, which means he meets…

And get a free KeepKey hardware wallet courtesy of ShapeShift.

Do a survey, get a KeepKey 👊

Running a podcast, it can often feel like a one-sided conversation. And so we want to get to know you better!

✌️ Please take a moment to answer our listener survey! 🤘

We want to know more about you — how you listen, what crypto and blockchain topics you find the most interesting, and how good a job we’re doing as hosts. Of course, privacy first: we won’t ask for any personally identifiable information.

With the things we learn, we can hopefully improve the podcast and continue creating content you love to hear. To be fully transparent, it’s also helpful when speaking with sponsors. …

The crypto space is growing, and so is Epicenter 🚀

Graham, looking cool in polygons 😎

For the last six years of producing Epicenter, our goal has been to help people gain a deep understanding of blockchain technologies and the crypto space. Our interviews with the founders, builders, and thinkers leading our industry have been heard millions of times — we want these conversations to reach even further.

To help us achieve this goal, we recently made a huge leap and hired our first Chief Marketing Officer, Graham Tonkin!

As a fully bootstrapped company in an industry as volatile as crypto, this was a big move for us. But upon meeting Graham and getting to know…

Anna Rose and I sat down at the end of TLVBW to give our thoughts on the three main events to happen in Israel these last two weeks.

You haven’t entered the podcast multiverse, just a cross-over between two of the greatest crypto podcasts in the universe.

At the end of Tel Aviv Blockchain Week, I sat down with Anna Rose, host of the Zero Knowledge Podcast. We spent around ten days in Tel Aviv for what was perhaps the largest blockchain gathering to date in Israel.

There were three conferences happening in Tel Aviv, overlapping over two weeks.

  • First Scaling Bitcoin on September 11th and 12th which gathered academics and Bitcoin enthusiasts for two days of highly technical talks about everything from ZKPs to Plasma Cash to…

‘Cosmos Hub 3 Upgrade Proposal A’ has passed ✅

Hey Cosmologists,

Welcome to Issue #6! Are you going to Berlin Blockchain Week? If so, be sure to register for the Epicenter meetup we’re organizing on Thursday August 22nd. Sunny Aggarwal and I will be there.

Thanks to my Patreon supporters Abef, Brian Fabian Crain and Iancu Aurel!

See you in the Cosmos!


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Meme of the week

Dev update

Cosmos SDK


Tendermint Core

Inter-Blockchain Communication

As we celebrate this milestone, we’re moving away from the video podcast to focus on audio

This week marks a significant milestone at Epicenter with the release of episode 300 tomorrow! We’re so excited to have made it this far and thankful to our audience for sticking with us throughout the years.

It’s astonishing that five and a half years after starting Epicenter as a hobby, we’ve interviewed over 300 of the brightest minds in the space, giving them the space to share their stories, their ideas, and their vision for the future of the ecosystem.

Our incredible team, of course, makes this all possible. Meher, Sunny, and Friederike all share the founding vision that Brian…

Hey Cosmologists,

Welcome to issue number 4!

When I launched Cosmology, my intention was for it to remain ad-free. Being in the content business and running a podcast whose business model is entirely ad-based, I have great admiration for community-funded publications.

This is why I’ve decided to start a Patreon page for those who wish to support Cosmology. Monthly support starts at just $1, and you can give as much as you like. As a Patron, you’ll get a thank you mention at the beginning of every issue. …

Hey Cosmologists!

A lot has happened since the last issue! The Interchain Conversations conference, the HackAtom hackathon, security vulnerabilities were found and fixed, LIBRA! This is a long one…

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Where are central banks in this picture?

Dev update

Cosmos SDK

  • Releases v0.34.6, v0.34.7 and v0.350, most notably a fix for the relegation bug found in the Cosmos SDK which allowed Atom holders to redelegate without needing to wait for the unbonding period. View the changelog


Tendermint Core

Sebastien Couture

Coms Director at Adan — Host of Epicenter

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