Membre de l’équipe Adan depuis sa création, j’ai le plaisir d’annoncer ma candidature à la présidence de l’Association pour représenter l’industrie française des actifs numériques et assurer la continuité des travaux du bureau.

Two months after lunching our first survey, we learned so much about our listeners, and how we can make the podcast event better

Wall of ❤️
  • For how long you’ve been with us
  • How often you…

If you hold crypto, there’s a few things to keep in mind before doing taxes this year

Bitcoin and Crypto taxes can be complicated — trust experts to avoid getting audited by the IRS.
Clinton Donnelley what every US taxpayer needs to know (sponsored interview)

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✌️ Please take a moment to answer our listener survey! 🤘

We want to know more about you — how you listen, what crypto and blockchain topics you find the most interesting, and how good a job we’re doing as hosts. Of course, privacy first: we won’t ask for any personally identifiable information.

The crypto space is growing, and so is Epicenter 🚀

Graham, looking cool in polygons 😎

Anna Rose and I sat down at the end of TLVBW to give our thoughts on the three main events to happen in Israel these last two weeks.

  • First Scaling Bitcoin on September 11th and 12th which gathered academics and Bitcoin enthusiasts for two days of highly technical talks about everything from ZKPs to Plasma Cash to…

‘Cosmos Hub 3 Upgrade Proposal A’ has passed ✅

Dev update

Cosmos SDK

As we celebrate this milestone, we’re moving away from the video podcast to focus on audio

Meme of the week

Where are central banks in this picture?

Dev update

Cosmos SDK

  • Releases v0.34.6, v0.34.7 and v0.350, most notably a fix for the relegation bug found in the Cosmos SDK which allowed Atom holders to redelegate without needing to wait for the unbonding period. View the changelog

Sebastien Couture

Coms Director at Adan — Host of Epicenter

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